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Read/Write Objects, Timeseries, Curves and Events from the OpenDataDSL Data Management Platform


OpenDataDSL is designed as a high-performance, cloud-based, SAAS data management toolkit for MongoDB.

NOTE: Subscription fees apply - see Pricing Plans for more information

Read/Write MongoDB data in Excel

Create, read and update all your data in MongoDB Atlas directly from within your own Excel spreadsheets.

More than just documents

Manage all of your MongoDB data, including:

  • Documents (Objects)
  • Timeseries
  • Forward Curves
  • IOT events

More than just an Excel Add-in

You get so much more with OpenDataDSL:

Programų galimybės

Kai ši programa naudojama, ji
  • Gali skaityti ir keisti jūsų dokumentą
  • Gali siųsti duomenis internetu

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