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Customize modern SharePoint forms with tabs, steps, accordions, and related items.

Plumsail Forms allows you to customize modern SharePoint forms. Register a Plumsail Account to start a free 30-day trial.

The app contains web parts and extensions for customizing SharePoint forms and publishing them to any pages within the SharePoint tenant, even to different sites. Also, with Plumsail Form web part you can add a public web form to a SharePoint page. Data Table, Signature, Likert Scale, and Lookup customizers adjust the appearance of corresponding fields in SharePoint list views. The Form Panel customizer allows you to open the designed SharePoint forms in a panel directly from a list view.

Design responsive forms with multiple steps, tabs, accordions, and related items from other lists or document libraries. Open customized forms in a panel without leaving a list view or in a separate page. The design process is intuitive and straightforward: just drag and drop fields and organize them in columns, tabs, or steps. The form will be adjusted to various screen sizes automatically. Cascading lookups can be configured in a few clicks.

Plumsail Forms provides a set of advanced controls for any occasion: work with related items from other lists or document libraries, connect lists from different sites, collect repeating data rows, signatures, or survey answers.

With Plumsail Forms, you can create multiple forms for the same list and route users between them automatically based on their Azure AD or SharePoint group, profile data, or form fields. For instance, some fields or actions may be present in a form for managers and absent in a form for regular users.


  • Register a Plumsail Account.
  • Add your SharePoint tenant to your Plumsail Account.
  • Download the designer for customizing SharePoint forms.


  • Responsive layouts with variety of containers for fields: tabs, accordions, wizards, and grids.
  • Work with related items or documents from other lists or libraries without leaving the form.
  • Filter Lookup fields automatically based on the selection in other fields.
  • Cross-site Lookups for connecting lists from different sites.
  • Collect repeating rows, signatures, and survey answers.
  • Create unique forms for different user groups or contexts: field values, profile properties and others.
  • Save a form as PDF document.
  • Add complex business logic to your forms with our JS-framework.
  • Provision custom forms manually or programmatically.


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About Plumsail

Since 2011 Plumsail has been offering solutions to accelerate work and improve your productivity. Plumsail apps include tools for building web forms and generating documents that help to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your processes. More than three thousand companies from 102 countries rely on our products. Among them are many Fortune 500 companies, as well as renowned educational, and non-profit institutions.

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