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Communicate in Microsoft Teams even if contacts use other apps for messaging

Choose Microsoft Teams for every chat

StartADAM lets you use Microsoft Teams to manage all your conversations and avoid bouncing between chat platforms. It all works through cross-platform groups. These groups connect people on different communication apps, so you can work as one. For example, you use Microsoft Teams and your partners, clients and agencies use their communication tools, such as Slack, Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp or Text (SMS).

Getting started

It’s easy to launch the StartADAM Connect cross-platform chat experience in Microsoft Teams:

1. Add the StartADAM App to a team in Microsoft Teams

2. Follow the Bot instructions and create your first cross-platform group

3. Wait for members to join from their chat tools and watch the magic happen!

(…anytime you need to create a new group just send a direct message to StartADAM!)

Important: Only admin users can install StartADAM in Microsoft Teams. If you are a non-admin user, please contact your admin with a request.

You can use StartADAM for a variety of purposes:

External collaboration:

bring service providers, clients, vendors, agencies, and external firms into your Microsoft Teams conversations from any tool they prefer

Enterprise: let different teams chat from their preferred & top-performing chat app (e.g. Sales teams use Microsoft Teams while Product squads use Slack)

Freelancing: use one chat platform to interact with all clients

Sales: bond with customers & stay organized

Chat platforms we support

StartADAM enables conversation interoperability between you in Microsoft Teams and your contacts in Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram or Text (SMS) - so everyone can join and connect from their favorite tool.

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