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Disclosure Management- Automation Add-in for Office 365 [Word – Excel-PowerPoint]

IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management (DM) offers user-friendly authoring and editing experience for users with support through Office 365. Users can manage their entire compliance reporting process, whether financial or non-financial (e.g., annual reports, quarterly reports, press releases, ESG reports etc) through IRIS CARBON® a cloud-based solution with the ability to work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files saved on their desktops.

The Excel file can be linked to Word and PowerPoint, and all changes made on the desktop can be updated to the IRIS CARBON® cloud solution automatically.

To bring the ability of users to work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that are connected to each other, we have introduced an add-in named IRIS CARBON® Hive 2.0. on Microsoft Office Store. Users can download this add-in to establish a link between IRIS CARBON®, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files and work on the IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management (DM) Solution. Users can login to the IRIS CARBON® Hive 2.0. add-in using the Office 365 credentials or with their IRIS CARBON® credentials.

Note: Users willing to access the IRIS CARBON® Office 365 Disclosure Management Add-in need to sign up with the IRIS CARBON® platform. The users can use Office 365 credentials or their organizational email address to register.

The features of IRIS CARBON® Office 365 Integrated DM are:

• Cloud based collaborative platform

• Easy to edit the word document online anytime, anywhere.

• Excel and Word files are now connected with IRIS CARBON® Hive 2.0.

• All updates of excel and word can be synced back to IRIS CARBON® cloud solution

• Single source of truth- changes are updated instantly in all documents and formats including Word and PDF.

• Commenting for real-time review and finalization

• Workflow management process to manage the life cycle of the project

• Create versions of the document and review them easily by comparing the data

• Review the chronological record of activities performed in a period with logs

• Multiple output generation - PDF, Word, HTML, XBRL, iXBRL, iXBRL Viewer

• PowerPoint integration. Users can now establish linking between Excel and PowerPoint to pull the essential data like (Data Point, Tables, Charts) from excel directly to PowerPoint presentation. Having this in place, the Directors and CFOs can easily manage and view financial statements thanks to the DM, which presents information in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format. This streamlined approach to financial management simplifies the process and ensures accurate reporting.

• Ability to roll forward previous year filing report

To start working with IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management (DM), the user needs to be registered with the IRIS CARBON® platform with their organization email address or have a valid Office 365 license.

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