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Timesheet 365: Smart and modern way to manage timesheets for the employees

Timesheet 365 is a free trial, fully featured for 14 days for one Microsoft 365 tenant. Timesheet 365 is free up to 1 user forever. Timesheet 365 is for unlimited users virtually*

Microsoft 365 powerful time tracking, yet easy to use with functions like time sheets, daily projectized and operational tasks, and weekly reports linked with projects and companies. Task and time running immediately without any worries of maintaining additional cloud, logins, credentials, and data security issues. It works on your Microsoft 365 framework and data resides within your Microsoft 365 with no additional cost other than your existing subscriptions.

Users can easily report their time divided into projects and tasks that are registered and at the same time Timesheet 365 has an excellent overview of the previously reported activities. Since the timesheet can be viewed both on a daily and weekly basis it is simple for the user to get an overview of all time tracked.

Also, within this Microsoft 365 time tracking add-in, all the project documents can be stored for any reference as and when needed


  • Projects: Create and manage your projects and project activities. 
  • Record time daily / weekly: Week by week or daily based on time
  • Reports with flexible filter: View, print, or export reports. Several
  • Cost by fixed hourly cost by project or individual users' hourly rate
  • Views:

    • Admin
    • Program Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Project Observer
    • User (Team Member)

  • Mobile device interface for easy time registration
  • No limit on number of projects or clients
  • Timesheet Stopwatch/Timer and Log-in / Log-out
  • Configure hourly cost
  • Reports

    • Daily, weekly and monthly report
    • My Team Report by projects and by team members
    • My Projects
    • Pending weekly reports

Features update: August 2020

  • Power BI Integration
  • Time tracking and approval delegation
  • Email notification customization
  • Choice to allow users to submit past weeks' reports.
  • Choice to edit approved time sheet by the admin and program manager
  • Drafts are now displayed in weekly timesheet tab.
  • Performance and bug improvements.

Features update: July 2020

  • Upload new activities in bulk using csv file.
  • Program Manager can view as Project Manager in 'My Teams' tab.
  • Ability to export my team's data.
  • Limit maximum trackable hours - daily / weekly
  • Ability enable / disable time tracking on weekends.
  • Multiple select to send reminder for the pending timesheets.
  • Project status - Allocated vs Completion.
  • Multiple filters and enhanced reports
  • Added total hours row in various reports
  • Performance and bug improvements.

Features update: June 2020

  • Track time options - total hours, start / stop and log in and log out with time stamp.
  • Options to delete tasks / projects / activities / clients
  • Work type options - Office, onsite and WFH
  • Additional custom columns
  • Select the columns to display in reports
  • SP profile and Outlook properties based custom columns
  • Pending timesheets view
  • New roles - Program Manager and Co-Ordinator
  • Allow differential rates for onsite and regular rates
  • Performance and bug improvements.

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Prerequisites: Add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers: Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

This app does not support Internet Explorer

We can add this app as a Webpart, Full page, Teams Tab, and Teams Personal Tab

Language(s): English

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