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Standup bot for keeping your team on track during daily async standup meetings

The complete standup bot for keeping your team on track during daily async standup meetings. 🚀

Sup can facilitate a standup meeting, retrospective meeting, or other meetings asynchronously for your team using either a chat-based interface or a dialogue window.

Features 🔥

📝 Conduct Daily Standups

🏖️ Track Holiday

📋 Run Quick surveys & polls

😎 Monitor Team's Mood.

With a number of features available on the Sup, remote working only gets smoother. Let's have a look:

1. 🤝 Conduct standups & follow-ups: Sup provides team standup updates. You can see how everything works with direct questions and answers. Asynchronous standups and multiple follow-ups are a click away.

2. 🏖️ Vacation Tracker: Request, approve, view, and manage vacations with Sup. Holiday tracking is easy with regular updates and a dashboard of employee holiday analytics.

3. 📋 Create surveys & polls: Remote working can become a lot easier when you can make quick decisions based on surveys and quick polls. Make it simple for your team to voice their opinions.

4. 👻 Track team mood: Sup? Is that what you want to ask your team? Using mood tracking, understand your team's emotions. To gauge team morale, use it with a follow-up like standups. The anonymity of responses allows for honest answers.

Trusted by small and big-leaguers like Iterable, Adobe, PWC, Stripe, MailChimp, Starbucks, Mixpanel, Dell, Warner Bros, and more.

Try us; our core features will remain free forever.

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