Multi Card KPIs by TME AG


A multiple cards Power BI visual to display and compare KPIs

What is Multi-Card KPIs?

Multi-Card KPIs is a Power BI visual which lets you create KPI cards with a modern look and feel. Users can create up to 10 cards in each direction (row, column).


It provides a set of data and comparison fields that lets a user create up to 10 cards at once. A card consists of four main sections (data label, category label, image, and comparison), and each of these sections is fully customizable. Here is a feature list for the visual:

- Customization for each card consists of, background color, show/hide border, border width, border color, highlighted color strip on any side of the card.

- Display multiple cards in a row or column orientation and manage the distance between each card.

- There is a built-in icon for each card, but for more customization, the user can use their own icons by providing just a URL or even hide the icon completely. The icon provides further options to be resized, set a border-radius, and even make the icon transparent from 0 to 100 level transparency.

- Data and category labels are also fully customizable including font size, font family, bold, italic, and text color.

- For comparing two measures, the user can set highlighted border strip color for positive(+), negative(-), or equal(=) percentage. The cards show this strip as well as up and down arrows following the percentages.

When a license is required?

- If you want to use more than one card

- If you want to use the comparison feature

- If you want to use a highlighted border strip for your card which could be used according to comparison scenarios (>, <, =) to match your needs

If you need assistance, have any questions or feature requests, please send us an email at

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