Fact360 Forensics

pateikė FACT360 LIMITED

Fact360 Forensics provides fraud and compliance investigation analytics

FACT360 has built a Machine Learning based software platform that forensically analyses communications and communications networks. It treats each communication as a ‘transaction’ with the subsequent transactional analysis identifying the key people within a communication network without analysing the content of messages themselves. FACT360 assigns a numerical value to an individual that is calculated based on the individuals’ communication patterns. This value can be seen as a proxy for ‘Prestige’ within the organisation. Receiving communication from a high Prestige person increases in turn the recipient’s own Prestige. This analysis creates a fact-based organisational model determined by activity and not reputation so organisations can gain as much insight based on what employees do as what they say. This in turn enables the software to identify anomalies that are identified by analysing the subtle behavior changes over time. FACT360 can provide additional insight using transactional analysis and has developed a metric to act as a proxy for ‘expertise’. On a communication network, a ‘hub’, that is an employee communicating with many different authorities, may represent someone who knows where to find information within an organisation. And by extension, ‘expertise’ can be ascertained by identifying the users who receive communication from a high number of hubs. To provide further insights from communication networks, FACT360 also applies Natural Language Understanding (NLU) techniques to understand the context of messages. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a subfield of artificial intelligence concerned with computers’ ability to understand written and spoken language and is used by FACT360 to generate contextual insights from communication flows. Used in conjunction with Transactional Analysis, it enables FACT360 to uncover more detail by grouping items that share characteristics. By virtue of this the platform automatically extracts all entities in the communications data and contextualises them in preparation for interrogation by the user. The Target audience for FACT360 is Investigation Teams, Risk/Compliance Teams and HR Professionals within the top 2000 enterprises and global consultancies. The value to these teams is to provide access to changes in people's behavior inside of a corporate communication network to prevent white-collar crime, wholesale fraud, insider threat, and HR issues. The FACT360 tool gives quick access to the identified anomalies and allows lower-skilled investigators to make fully informed decisions. FACT360 saves time and money in any investigation in any organisation by reducing the volume of communications that need to be manually reviewed by up to 95%.

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