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MIPA is what we all dream about having, a Personal Assistant that will help you through your day.


MIPA is what we all dream about having, a Personal Assistant.

GET A PERSONAL ASSISTANT in Microsoft Teams and Outlook helping you structure your daily work. Bringing you one step closer to a centralized task and work management experience with a connectivity between Microsoft Teams and Planner, To-Do, Microsoft List, Documents, Calendar and Mail follow up. Instead of constantly switching contexts to keep up with what you must do next, you’ll will have it all visualized in one place. MIPA gives an overview of what's on your program – TODAY, THIS WEEK & NEXT WEEK. MIPA is used by individuals and teams. Providing a seamless integration and usability of Microsoft 365 breaking down communication and application barriers and strengthens teamwork. People enjoy using products that are both functional, visual appealing and keep them in control. On any device, anywhere and available in the tools we use mostly. MIPA enhance business value through organizational and individual productivity simply because it becomes easy to do the job and work as a team.

MIPA brings you all your daily tasks into Microsoft Teams, as an App or as a Tab in the Team you are working in rather than having to leave the Team to get of upcoming tasks.

Enhance individual and team productivity with MIPA. Imagine,

  • A centralized task management experience with a connectivity between Microsoft Teams and Planner, To Do, Microsoft list and mail follow up
  • Being well prepared for your meetings by knowing the company and the people you are planning to meet; understand their market and the individuals you will be meeting.
  • A priority matrix. See tasks in Eisenhower Priority Matrix. Your Personal Assistant will help you to eliminate unnecessary tasks and to effectively prioritize. A decision-making tool that helps you make the distinction between tasks that are important, not important, urgent, and not urgent
  • Having your Sticky notes and favorites links in one place
  • Having an easy way to find the last document you worked on. Or document shared with you.
  • Being able to create a Planner Task from a Chat.

Are you using Microsoft List? to track information and organize work. List are simple, smart, and flexible, allowing you to stay on top of what matters most to your team. MIPA will also help you managed your tasks from Microsoft list .It has never been easier to do your work and work as a team. All this, you get directly in Microsoft Teams at the tip of your hand. Finally, Your Personal Assistance will help you structure your notes, with MIPA sticky notes and provide you with one place to manage important links.

MIPA, your own personal assistant is just one click away. It has never been easier to manage tasks, prepare for your next meeting or find the document you need. All this, you get directly in Microsoft Teams and Outlook at the tip of your hand.

If you are using iGlobe CRM Office 365 you will even get more from your Personal Assistant. MIPA will help you keep track on your meeting report and opportunities. You will never forget to follow up on your meetings or miss an important sales opportunity.

Subscription plans

  1. MIPA try before you buy - when you deploy MIPA you automatically get a 30 days trial
  2. MIPA minimum order - 5 licenses
  3. MIPA Enterprise plan over 1.000 users - contact iGlobe for pricing

MIPA YouTube playlist includes, deployment and users guides.

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