pateikė 4.screen GmbH

We help brands and local businesses to be found on in-car screens with smart in-car ads

Drivers spend on average 51 minutes/day in their cars, and make purchase decisions in their cars (e.g. which supermarket to go to and when to buy). We’ve got an unusual approach to let you be one of the first to directly talk to drivers in their cars via their car screens (~150 million potential cars are globally technical enabled).
At 4.screen we offer an in-car advertising platform where brands and local businesses can directly reach drivers in their car through branded pins, best rank in driver searches, proactive recommendations and personalized in-car offers. 
For instance, as new EV charge points are launched, drivers can be automatically prompted to drive to these charge points (as we have access to car data). Stores can even display offers in real-time to drivers and they can navigate turn-by-turn to the nearest store. 
We are partnering with automotive OEMs and various businesses (supermarkets, hotels, insurances, car parks, petrol stations and more) to constantly improve our advertising platform. Our platform is based on a performance-based pricing model. 
Ultimately, we’d love to provide you with more than just the ability to appear in the car. There’s a lot more where this came from, so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, happy to provide more info and feel free to contact us!

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