ActivePlatform Cloud

pateikė Active Technologies LLC

ActivePlatform lets CSP distributors and partners automate their cloud sales and provisioning

ActivePlatform Cloud lets traditional distributors, resellers and CSP partners sell, bill, and provision cloud services, IaaS, SaaS, and managed services. A self-service solution allows end customers to purchase and manage purchased services and subscriptions via white-labeled e-commerce portal.

ActivePlatform supports management of multi-tier partnership network, billing, invoicing, and provisioning of cloud services both from public and private cloud. Comprehensive consumption and subscription reports allow both distributors and end customers to use cloud services in a cost-effective way. Automation of routine tasks like subscription upgrades, renewals, recurring billing & invoicing allows distributors to get more profit from the same customer base.

Full support of Microsoft CSP program (Microsoft 365, Azure), including perpetual licenses allow you to sell all Microsoft cloud services in a fully automated way. Additional integrated IaaS & SaaS services from other vendors (Google, Cisco, Kaspersky, VMware, etc.) allow you to offer such services to your existing customer and partners.

  • Enable end customers to buy Anything-as-a-Service from a single platform 
  • Provide 100% automated services billing, provisioning, and consumption reporting
  • Manage thousands of partners and customers in a single platform 
  • Integrate to ERP, CRM or ITSM systems through APIs
  • Integrate own cloud or managed services to the platform 

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