Audioburst: Audio, On-Demand

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Introduce an engaging, personalized audio experience to your applications with Audioburst APIs.

Audioburst is a revolutionary AI-powered voice search platform that connects listeners to audio content. With the mission of organizing the world's audio content, every day, the Audioburst AI platform listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio content from top radio stations and podcasts. Powered by advanced NLP technology and a proprietary AI platform that indexes audio segments into searchable "bursts" in real-time, Audioburst is introducing an entirely new way for consumers and businesses to interact with live or recorded audio content across platforms and devices.

In addition, Audioburst boasts a highly personalized listening experience for its users, creating a unique listening identity for each user based on search queries, reactions, and listening habits. This personalization increases the time spent in app and ensures that each listener is only presented with relevant, engaging audio content.

Interested in taking Audioburst for a spin?

Developers can access Audioburst's suite of APIs to tap into the robust Audioburst Content Library and introduce a more dynamic and personalized listening experience to their users across devices such as in-car infotainment systems, voice assistants, IoT gadgets, and smartphones.

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