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Customer engagement portal is a universal service tool

This application is available only in Czech language. Customer engagement portal is a universal tool to enable customer/citizens to be active in cooperation on various topics, including self service portal that automates usual task/services provided, customer engagement part to enable citizens involvement in local activities/communities and communications part that enables to share broad range of information daily needed. This solution targets general country government institutions, local municipalities, cities and towns, who would like to offer some or all of their services in electronic form as a part of e-government strategy. The government institution can choose the services provided on modular approach. Each module represent single service for single institution, but the services can be also connected and provided as a part of broader set of service packages. As a part of the solution testing we can provide: Provide demo version with real applications and tools tailored to your needs Integration with already existing database and online services Broad range of integrated self services Unified approach to online public services Security and compliance with latest policies and regulations Rapid deployment Support and further development services

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