QDMS Integrated Management System

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Integrated Management System for Quality Assurance, GRC, HSE, Risk Management

QDMS is an integrated quality, risk and compliance management software product which helps companies comply with quality management systems such as ISO (9001, 14001, 22000, 27000) and more. QDMS helps automate quality management operations in a digital environment with no need of paper-based documents.

QDMS Integrated Management System ensures the automation of activities required by management system standards of organizations. It will always be with you as your closest colleague during your journey to Total Quality. It makes your processes that must be automated under management systems available for you in the form of a modular structure.

QDMS provides corrective and preventive activity management where users can record and manage nonconformities. Its calibration management feature allows compliance managers to monitor jobs for calibration and validation devices. In addition, it offers suggestion management that helps managers perform cost analysis as well as manage personnel, customer and supplier suggestions.

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