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Streamline your shift Clock In process with the Flyte Clock In App

The Flyte Clock In app is a streamlined solution for shift working employees & frontline workers to record worked hours by utilising your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Accessed through a personal or shared device, clock data is stored for payroll to access and process. The solution also enables Organizations to capture overtime hours to be accrued and redeemed by staff where required.

Need a way to manage and track Overtime accrual across the Team?- With the optional feature for tracking contracted hours vs. clocked hours within the application, Overtime Leave hours can be easily banked and utilised by staff as and as when required without significant Admin resource.

Key Features Include-

- A user friendly platform for users to quickly track worked hours and breaks.

- Configuration to make Clock Ins through User or Shared devices.

- Ability to track overtime against contracted hours with self-service redemption by users.

- Configure Overtime booking requests to be sent through multiple Approval stages where required.

- Optional functionality for Staff to request amendments to submitted timecards.

- Automated Clock In Reports

Have any bespoke requirements? Our in-house Development team are able to work with you to develop a tailored solution which integrates into and optimises your existing business processes.

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