Cloud Spreadsheet Manager

Clusterseven Ltd

Spreadsheet management solution

Spreadsheets are inherent in your business and without the adequate controls in place can cause significant financial, operational, reputational and regulatory risk to your business. ClusterSeven Cloud Spreadsheet Manager (CSM) enables you to harness the power of Microsoft Excel®.
What is Cloud Spreadsheet Manager (CSM)?
CSM puts you in complete control of your spreadsheets, giving you the tools and insight to risk check, compare and manage your spreadsheets on demand, securely on the Microsoft Azure® platform. CSM harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel® cementing its role as a key enterprise application, delivering results from day one.
Assess and classify risks
Assess and classify the regulatory, financial, operational and other risks of an individual spreadsheet. CSM will help you understand the complexity of a spreadsheet and identify where there is potential for error, equipping you to:
  • Remediate errors — for example, by amending spreadsheet design
  • Improve governance — for example, by implementing stronger policies or controls
Compare spreadsheet versions
Automatically compare multiple versions of a spreadsheet to quickly identify how it changed. With CSM you can carry out repeated comparisons to help you:
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Increase your confidence in the accuracy of spreadsheet data
  • Improve control over spreadsheet-dependent processes
  • Gain transparency to changes in your spreadsheets
Maintain a spreadsheet inventory
Create a secure inventory of your critical spreadsheets with an automatic audit trail. However, you store your spreadsheets at the moment, it’s unlikely you have all the features you need to maintain a proper inventory. Uploading your spreadsheets to CSM lets you:
  • Define spreadsheet attributes for CSM to track
  • Add qualitative information for example materiality and risk rating
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