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Manage your store stock, perform all store operations processes with Colleqtive Apps for Retail

Do you want to maximise store stock accuracy and empower front-line retail employees at the core of your store?

Colleqtive is proven solution for retailers, enabling shop floor employees to perform all stock management and store operations processes from any device. Colleqtive Apps for Retail are suited for all retail organisations that want to take full control of store stock management, streamlining work processes and implementing improvements in the organisation. Colleqtive Apps for Retail is a flexible, user-friendly, out-of-the-box Retail App that supports you to optimise the productivity of your front-line retail employees and maximise store stock availability and accuracy. Experience an unmatched ROI through short implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

A must have for store operations departments of retail companies
Our software helps retailers to manage their store stock and store operations processes. As in this competitive omni-channel landscape, accurate store stock is highly valuable. With a Store Stock management solution, retailers can improve product accuracy, availability & sales, optimise replenishment, and stay on top of store stock levels, making brick stores an integral part of their omni-channel business.

Colleqtive Facts & Figures

  • Over 500M stock adjustments are managed by Colleqtive
  • Over 1,500+ stores managed daily
  • Colleqtive serves leading retailers in enterprise and (upper) mid-market fast-moving consumer goods (food and non-food)
  • Partner ecosystem of leading Technology and Retail Channel Partners

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Colleqtive Retail Suite is available on mobile and desktop, and offers the following functionalities:
  • Stock counting
  • Ordering
  • Replenishment
  • Product information
  • Click-and-collect
  • Loss bookings
  • Receipt
  • Store-to-store transfers
  • Customer sales orders
  • Shelf label printing
  • Electronic shelf label management
  • Store warehouse management
  • Expiry management

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Our offer includes an extensive implementation package that guides you through the implementation process:
  • Extensive e-learning for all full users
  • Implementation guidance through vlogs and video demos
  • Customer support through customer servicedesk, including support by e-mail and phone
  • Comprehensive documentation available guiding you in Colleqtive Apps for Retail

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