Bank-Grade Anti-counterfeiting, Track and Trace & Consumer Marketing Solution

Leveraging on i-Sprint Innovations strong experience in providing trustful Digital Identity solutions to the financial services industry and various security-sensitive environments, we have unveiled a breakthrough Technology Innovation for the identity of things based on our patented technologies – AccessReal, which is a cloud offering for Brand Protection, Product Authentication and Anti-Counterfeit services.

AccessReal gives each product a unique identity, just like a birth certificate, to allow status detection from the factory to consumer. The unique identity is assigned to the product using identification tag such as barcode, QR code, NFC, RFID. It allows the brand/ product owners to have the ability to empower their channels and customers to self-check the authenticity of the products purchased using smart mobile devices.

AccessReal has integrated with BlockChain technology to provide a unique identity to each object which can be identified by various tagging technologies, especially our patented clone-proof technology, AR Code. It allows enterprises to detect counterfeiting, track and trace products and provenance using blockchain, to perform product recalls and to harness business intelligence for better business planning and personalized interaction with their customers.

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