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Digital Value Stream tool for digital lean management in manufacturing and supply chain

Digital Value Stream Mapping Tool for digital Lean Management

With Polaris VSM you can access your value stream map by digitizing it anytime and anywhere multidisciplinary and transparently. Share information effectively and freely within teams. Complex value streams can be mapped and coordinated at different levels of detail or value stream sections to keep an eye on the big picture and the details. As a web and cloud-based solution, integrate Polaris VSM quickly and conveniently into your organization.

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Key Capabilities

  • Access your Value Streams from Anywhere and at Any Time
  • Mapping Value Streams and Supply Chain via Multilevel Value Streams
  • Track and evaluate easily with KAIZEN and KANBAN Methods
  • Calculate, Validate, and Visualize your Key Figures with the Formula System
  • Simple Data Acquisition and Targeted Addition of Value Stream Components
  • Versioning of your Value Stream Data: Tracking Changes to the Value Stream

Key benefits

  • Map an design your value stream easily
  • Collaborate with your team from anywhere and anytime
  • Calculate KPIs in real time

What our customers say

The value stream is the core of every company. We actively use the value stream software Polaris and are excited about the possibilities of the platform, as we can finally digitalize the classic method." - Alpay Acar, Managing Partner Elite Consulting Group

"What's more, since using Polaris, we are at least seven times faster at recording processes than we ever were with Excel. This means even faster results for our customers!" - Marcel Knepper, Managing Owner

Digitize your value stream with Polaris VSM now!

Ordering Plans:

P0 - Read Only
  • Viewing all VSM content
P1 – Basic
  • Create value streams
  • Basic formulas
  • Lead time
  • Yamazumi
  • Kaizen
  • Actively manage CIP
P2 – Excellence
  • All functionalities from P0, P1
  • Multilayer / Hierarchies
  • Multi-variant matrix
  • Expert formulas
  • Critical path (autom.)
  • Click 2 Simulate Connect
  • Reporting / P.BI Connect
  • Energy value stream
P3 - Integrate & Customize
  • All functionalities from P0, P1, P2
  • Live VSM – Integration of external data sources via Model Mapper (intelligent interface)
  • Formula editor
  • Customize-Maintenance

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