Intelecy no-code Industrial AI

pateikė Intelecy AS

Let the operational workforce harness the power of AI without the need of coding

Intelecy is an innovative SaaS (software as a service) company established with a clear goal: enabling sustainable industrial production. With the Intelecy no-code Industrial AI platform, operators and engineers can easily create, use, and operationalize machine learning (ML) models, without prior coding knowledge.

Leveraging decades of industrial competency, we have built a library of advanced algorithms and analytics optimized for industrial data. The easy-to-use applications allow the operational workforce to build ML models in minutes. Anomaly models allow users to detect where anything deviates from the expected behavior. Forecast models enable users to predict what has not happened yet and make adjustments before it’s too late. The Intelecy no-code Industrial AI platform provides built-in MLOps to deploy, monitor, and maintain ML models, allowing you to focus on realizing value.

It integrates swiftly and securely with industrial protocols like OPC-UA and industrial solutions like historians or distributed control systems (DCS) through pre-built data connectors. Intelecy is explicitly designed for industrial IoT data and can be used in all verticals in the process and manufacturing industry. Optionally, you can elevate your production to a higher level of automation by streaming predictions back to your control system without compromising security. This enables you to incorporate these predictions into your advanced process control for closed-loop AI control and allows operators to observe live predictions in their current control room environment.

Leveraging Intelecy no-code Industrial AI, a wide range of industrial companies improve resource utilization, prevent unplanned downtime, increase capacity, and minimize their environmental impact.

By subscribing to the Intelecy no-code Industrial platform on Azure Marketplace (e.g. by pressing "Get it now" and completing the registration), you will not enter into a binding agreement to purchase the product, but initiate the process to do so. A representative from Intelecy’s sales team will contact you to present applicable prices and Intelecy's Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) Order Form. A binding agreement with Intelecy is not entered into until you and an authorized representative from Intelecy have signed the MSA Subscription Order Form.

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