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ElasticDocs ingests massive amounts of unstructured data accessible through ML/AI capabilities

ElasticDocs offers ingesting of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data and uses state-of-the-art machine learning underpinned with specific domain expertise, to deliver rapid and easy access to information through search and visualization capabilities for faster and more reliable decisions. 

 Iraya’s ElasticDocs Capabilities

•       Organize your corporate unstructured and structured data into an organized database

•       Make relevant information immediately available through search and visualization capabilities

•       Extract data trends and anomalies

•       Discover new relationships and unlock new knowledge

•       Add uniformity and comparison to your data across languages, data types and storage format

 Iraya’s ElasticDocs Benefits

•       Fast browsing of documents offers new evidence-based insights

•       Share digitized data across the full exploration and production value chain and have strategic information instantly available

•       Reduce data-silos within your organization

•       Maximize the value of your digitized data by giving access to diverse, multi-location subsurface teams

•       Geolocate your information to add a spatial context to your data

•       Discover unknown patterns in your documents

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