AI-powered Process Automation Platform

pateikė KI group GmbH

Increasing the level of automation by using Microsoft AI

Most of the quality issues occur by processing documents, emails or pictures manually. Furthermore this working model produces a lot of workload and is a show-stopper regarding time and cost efficiency. By using Process Automation Platform and the capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, documents, pictures, voice or text phrases are validated, translated and analyzed automatically. The range of possible use cases is wide, from processing unknown orders or invoices up to analyzing written or spoken customer feedback automatically. The solution is provided as a managed-service based on a pay-per-use model without any infrastructure investments. It targets mainly all shared service organizations of customers in order to reduce manual workload and increase the level of automation. Process Automation Platform is fully integrable with existing RPA tools to cover all processes where complexity and unknown input calling for advanced AI capabilities next to RPA. This application is available in English and German.

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