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Conversational Customer Support automation using Azure chat/voice bots is the world’s leading Customer Support Automation platform. We enable businesses to deliver delightful support conversations across channels. We have helped businesses automate customer support across channels and have processed over 2 Billion queries from customers across its clients, with over 100 million unique users with a 92% support query deflection and can automate up to 60% within 30 days. 

We enable businesses to run a 24x7 support channel for the customers across channels like WhatsApp, web, in-app, Facebook Messenger, and various other channels, in the language of their choice. Customers get personalised responses which then connect with the businesses’ backend infrastructure to answer customer queries and solve the problems they are facing. 

Businesses use Verloop to respond to customers, manage subscription renewals, answer post-sales queries, generate refunds, re-issue policies, and many other use-cases across retail, BFSI, Real Estate, and Travel verticals in 30+ languages.

At the heart of is a machine learning system that understands customer problems using Natural Language Processing, processes the customer demands, and then generates personalised responses to delight the customers.

What enables to deliver industry-leading RoI

  1. Dedicated machine learning modules for specific industries
  2. Focus on multiple channels and multiple languages
  3. Experience working with 20+ BFSI and unicorn customers
  4. Agent chat module that enables seamless handoff from bot to agent

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