Nuvento Agent Portal

pateikė Nuvento LLC

Agency management software to help insurance agents manage their everyday activities

Agent Portal is a digital solution that works as an insurance agent's personal assistant. The solution gives agents information about all the important tasks they need to stay to on top of.


This way it puts focus on the job at hand improves their productivity, and reduces workload with timely notifications, premium calculation assistance, recommending products based on customer preferences, instant reports, storing their clients' policy information and documents much more on a single platform.


The Agent Portal helps agents work smarter, not harder, to achieve more in their day. It helps to boost productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Agencies that have adopted an insurance-specific agent management system reported feeling 44% more productive than they did before adopting it. This is, partly, due to the ease of finding information and being able to act upon it.


Nuvento's Insurance Agent Portal is powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, enabling ease of access and superior automation features.


Nuvento's Insurance Agent Portal improves agents’ productivity:


  • It simplifies appointment scheduling
  • It improves visibility to the client's claim processing status
  • Receives real-time status updates on their clients’ claims
  • Reduces their admin cost to track claims for their clients
  • Receives notifications that update the status of the clients’ claims
  • Views claim details and information of the policy - holders’ claims
  • Is as informed as their policyholders on claims statuses and resolution progress


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