BaaS platform for banks & corporates


Omnio is a market leading provider of cloud-based digital banking and financial services.

A unique Banking-as-a-Service platform. With Omnio, banks and financial institutions can innovate at pace and compete in a rapidly changing market through digital transformation and corporates can deliver embedded financial services & loyalty products to give their customers endless reasons to choose them over others.
Low cost 
A 'pay-as-you-grow' subscription model that keeps costs proportional to your size, on a per user basis. A public cloud solution that future-proofs your business to scale and replaces costly legacy platforms.

Collaborative Banking-as-a-Service
Our CoBaaS offering is unique in the market and allows regulated financial institutions to keep access to the funds associated with their customer accounts giving real commercial advantage.

Built for 3rd party integration
Our technology is API-first, allowing you to connect your customers with the latest product innovations, generate valuable new revenue and attract new customers.

Customer-centric by design
A single platform built around the customer, integrating multiple products from banking and payments to loyalty and rewards. 

Speed to market
A fully configurable solution, our team is on hand to support in smooth integration and rapid speed to market.

White label
Your brand powered by Omnio. A white labelled solution; the secret ingredient to enhance customer experience, help increase engagement and drive new revenue streams.

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