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Intranet Platform for Government Workers to Communicate, Collaborate and Be Empowered

Empower your city employees with tools that elevate communication and collaboration. DigitalWorkplace, by OpenCities, is a powerful, cloud-based intranet that can streamline processes, saving your city time and money.

Cities all over the world, like Austin, TX. rely on DigitalWorkplace to keep their employees connected and informed. While searching for an intranet, Doug Matthews, Austin’s Chief Communication Director, spoke about the 13,000+ Austin City employees and their needs.
“Just as we’ve learned that our residents depend on the website for service, our employees depend on the intranet for service. We saw this as not just a modernization of technology, but as a bridge toward supporting a more agile, mobile and digitally connected workforce.”

This powerful intranet delivers access to alerts, city information and staff directories at any time of day on any device. The robust range of content formats and directories are specifically designed to help your staff discover internal services, forms, policies, procedures and more in a secure platform.

Publishers can also target communications to be organization wide, or for specific departments in this platform that will remain true to your city’s design standards and brand. Message boards empower users to start, follow and get involved in discussions. Each discussion space can be shared across the entire organization, or only specific departments and teams, allowing greater collaboration.
Staff can also post events, messages and more, as easily as posting messages on social media. User generated content ensures more people contribute to the DigitalWorkplace, resulting in a more used, more up to date, and ultimately more useful resource for everyone.

OpenCities DigitalWorkplace fully integrates with Microsoft AD via Azure, meaning your staff can enjoy a single sign-on without needing a separate intranet login.

Using DigitalWorkplace forms, can digitize common internal requests and applications providing a one stop shop for common staff needs, which can be lodged directly into relevant internal systems.

With OpenCities commitment to user testing and continuous upgrades, this evergreen platform will be one that users will access daily and turn to for all their internal needs.

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