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POS365 is a plug-and-play Point-of-Sales solution with seamless integration to Dynamics BC 365

With POS365, you get the leading Point-of-Sale solution that can do everything you need, combined with a modern and user-friendly solution. You can manage everything from purchasing and sales to product handling, bookkeeping and accounting.

We have made it easy for you to run your business with the opportunity for endless scalability.

Elevate your business with our POS features

Advanced sales features
You get quick access to product information, inventory and advanced sales functions.

Finish a sale anywhere
Our solution works both online and offline. Sell your products if your internet doesn't work, you're at a flea market, fair etc.

Get started quickly
POS365 is an intuitive and user-friendly solution. You therefore need to spend minimal time getting started.

Integrate with Business Central
Automate the bookkeeping between Business Central and your cash register solution to avoid manual work and ensure correct data.

Online administration

Create products, campaigns, new employees, and pull sales reports, statistics, and inventory on the Admin Center.

You always have help by your hand
With our built-in support module, you always have quick answers to your questions.

Why choose us?

POS365 is the latest and most flexible Point-of-Sale solution, offering fast and low-cost deployment.

POS365 provides the best feature/function-to-cost ratio.

POS365 takes advantage of the latest Microsoft .NET technology and ensures more straightforward implementations and a more effortless user experience.

Get started today:
Contact us at or give us a call at +45 7022 1315 and we will help you get started.

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