Questionmark OnDemand


Measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, compliance and workforce learning

Online assessment tools, professional services and ready-made content to help organizations and their people improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements. Organizations worldwide rely on Questionmark’s assessment management technologies to ensure valid, reliable and defensible measurement of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes to:
  • Measure effectiveness of learning initiatives.
  • Make informed and defensible personnel decisions.
  • Certify knowledge and skills.
  • Identify performance improvement needs.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure operational readiness.

The Questionmark OnDemand assessment platform enables:

  • Authoring, delivery and reporting on tests, exams, quizzes and surveys.
  • Collaborative, role-based authoring and item bank management.
  • Secure test and exam delivery and online proctoring to protect the integrity of results.
  • Blended delivery with support for assessment delivery via mobile devices.
  • Reporting and analytics to evaluate results and inform stakeholders.

The platform enables organizations to author, deliver and report on assessments such as:

  • Certification Exams
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Job Task Analysis Surveys
  • Pre/Post Course Tests
  • Observational Assessments
  • Quizzes/Knowledge Checks
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Placement Tests
  • Practice Tests
  • Needs Analysis
  • Course Evaluations

Questionmark OnDemand empowers learning and testing professionals with collaborative authoring tools, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics. Distinguishing features and benenfits include:

  • Browser-based question and assessment authoring
  • Powerful, flexible item banking
  • Secure delivery for high-stakes exams
  • Collaborative authoring environment
  • Translation management
  • Integration with LMSs and other enterprise systems
  • Printing and scanning your assessments
  • Randomize presentation of questions and choices
  • Instant feedback to enhance learning
  • Delivery optimized for accessibility
  • Results API for custom reports and analysis
  • Broad range of standard reports to analyze results
  • Global 24/7 Support

Questionmark is ISO 27001 Certified: ISO 27001 is the most widely recognized information security standard in the world and Questionmark was accredited after in-depth assessment by external, accredited auditors.

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