pateikė Retail Content Service, Inc.

What is
  • Professional data source: safety convenient for retailers and merchants; with handy payment form and simple API;
  • Unique and relevant digital content, assembled from available databases, updated and double-checked;
  • Data that requires extreme accuracy are creating by our content managers;
  • We can operate with any requirements, meet them by 100% and constantly support their relevance;
  • The database is easy to use and completely public for retailers, merchants, and customers;
  • Communication with the market is carried out by reviews and rankings of products from real consumers.

Our distinct advantage is the speed and quality of digital content creation, supplemented by the ease of adding photos and descriptions of products. We’ve optimized the functionality and convenience for all participants of logistics and e-commerce, and minimized the cost for you.

Today our database includes over 100,000 items, of which 90 thousand include images, and 60 thousand have complete attributes such as description, the brand name, and the manufacturer.

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