Sajaya ERP

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international ERP with local Arab flavor, helps in digital transformation

SajayaERP™ that helps enterprises to manage & control their resources to increase profitability & decrease cost.  
SajayaERP™ can serve multi sectors specially Commercial, Industrial & projects enterprises.
SajayaERP™ the First & major step for digital transformation Goal.

SajayaERP™ delivers the international Software Experience with Arab flavor.


SajayaERP™ is the best suitable replacement of the foreign software in the Arab market.


SajayaERP™ supports business Automation solution to achieve digital transformation Goal.


SajayaERP™ provides the international experience by gathering experiences through:


·         Having 20 years of business works.

·         Implementing the software in 10 countries.

·         Serving multi sectors with different business models.

·         Designed to comply the international standards and specialized for the Arab region.

·         Comprehensive, secured and extremely user friendly.

·         Parameterized functionality to adopt various business needs and environments.

·         End user can create, design, save and share various and unlimited new reports and charts directly from the system.

·         End user can define, customize and share unlimited notifications and alerts among the system.

·         Dynamic and customization dashboard for each single user.

·         Three-Tier Architecture, Centralized Database and Top-Notch technology have been adopted.

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