TAAP Vaccination Management Service

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The TAAP VMS is a specialist service to assist in the booking of Covid-19 vaccination appointments.

The TAAP Vaccination Management Service provides a simpleflexible and easy to use web app for vaccination hubs to vaccinate recipients. This includes the creation of Calendars with allocated booking slots against different locations and rooms, recipient invitesdose capacity management, bulk mailers to email those on waiting lists for bookings, and symptom tracking among other things.

For any organisation providing vaccines, the Vaccination Management Service streamlines and simplifies the vaccination process for vaccination hub staff who use the service to book their appointments. The service can be integrated and implemented with speed as it is easy to configure allowing organisations to tailor the service to their specific needs.

The service is comprised of 5 modules, Self RegistrationVaccination FormVaccine Campaign ManagerReception Arrivals and Vaccination Data Logging, and Patient Symptom Tracker. Each module is specifically designed to ensure a smooth process from self registration at the beginning of the process to symptom tracking following the vaccination itself. 

The use of Calendars provides flexibility to the organisation as they have full control of how many rooms, bookings, working days and appointment slots each Calendar is assigned. 

To find out more about the TAAP Vaccination Management Service, get in contact to receive a call back from one of our solution experts.

Vaccination Management Service Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlimited Number of Calendars
  • Association of Locations and Room(s) to a Calendar
  • Identify Working Days, Unavailable Days
  • Generate Booking Appointment Dates
  • Each Appointment has set Start/End Times
  • Single and Multiple Time Slot Appointments
  • Email Templates
  • SMS Templates
  • Cloud Hosted on Azure
  • Vaccine Campaign Calendars
  • Calendar Vaccine Capacity Management
  • 1st and 2nd Appointment management
  • Dual Booking (Linked 1st and 2nd Bookings)
  • Campaign Messaging Varies between 1st and 2nd appointments (Confirmation, 1st 24 Hr Reminder, 1st On the Day, 2nd 24 Hr Reminder, 2nd On the Day)
  • Waiting List
  • Bulk Mailer to Email everyone on Waiting List
  • Workflows for 1st/2nd Cancellation
  • Arrivals Process (1st / 2nd Arrivals)
  • API for Integration

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