pateikė Tecknoworks Europe SRL

Fast-track your products to your clients even before they are built.

HoloGallery gives us the ability to visualize objects of our imagination inside our real environment. Every single object that we are able to see on a screen can be transformed in order to interact with it in the real world.

This solution gives you the possibility to Showcase your own products like you or your audience never seen before. Having lots of products but limited Showroom spacing, we are able to create a special environment where users can select objects from a virtual gallery and place them in the real environment and interact with those objects however they want.

Events or PR is taken on another level with this new and interactive way of reaching the audience with fast prototyping and very low logistical costs. No more real products have to be present on all your locations. We build it once, and show it anywhere or everywhere on the world at no additional costs.

At the same time, you are able to showcase your products, on your clients phones. Same concept, build the object once, show it everywhere.

Your next product launch or your product marketing could be the way you always wanted it to be

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