Vizolution Face-to-Face Experiences, Remotely

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Replicate the qualities of a face-to-face interaction within a remote channel.

The pandemic has intensified an existing challenge for financial services businesses – specifically how they handle the crisis and build solutions for this ‘new normal’. But while it’s recognised as a challenge, it has also provided a great opportunity with respect to how they can innovate and drive a return to profitability in what’s recognised as a tough economic period.

Customers are already engaging more and more with brands online. But while apps, chat, web journeys and bots all have their place, the individual channels have limitations and when journeys get more complicated, it can be difficult for customers to get support without switching from the channel they are in, calling the brand or visiting in person. This is expensive for the brand to support and frustrating for the customer. And it’s often leaving money on the table in terms of missed sales opportunity. At Vizolution, we give frontline staff the digital tools to bridge the gaps across all of the traditional contact channels and to support the more complex customer journeys in a streamlined way, just as they would in a face-to-face experience, but remotely. Our technology lets the agents engage customers, share screens, exchange documents, and collect e-signatures just as if they were there in person.  

We work with major global enterprises across financial services, telecoms and insurance and, on average, our clients typically increasing sales (with conversions up by 40%), reducing costs (with transaction times cut in half) and improving CX with Net Promoter scores of 80+ with the additional benefit of guaranteed compliance.

·        At RBS: we’re powering the world’s first paperless mortgage, facilitating £20bn of offers and shaving 11 days from the mortgage application process.
·        At Santander: we’re driving a 45% increase in conversion rate for credit card applications.
·        At HSBC: we’re enabling a 90% reduction in transaction completion time for unsecured loans applications.

But across the board we’re seeing significant conversion rate improvements in sales journeys, efficiencies in bereavement journeys, greater returns from collections journeys, revenue uplift in cross-sell journeys, higher scores in customer retention journeys and so on.

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