PBX Asterisk + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

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Integrate your MS Dynamics 365 with Asterisk based PBX system and achieve the best CRM performance

To achieve a perfect understanding with your customers during a call, it is essential that the Phone System and the customer management system (CRM) are in sync. WaveAccess has a solution to integrate PBX Asterisk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. With help of Asterisk based PBX system integration you will be able to:

  • call your customer directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a single mouse click;
  • forward external phone calls automatically from your customers to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM users assigned to them;
  • pop-up the Microsoft Dynamics CRM form with information about the caller immediately before the call began;
  • record all the phone calls in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and listen to them on demand. – add customer data (for example balance) from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to IVR menu.

How will you benefit from this solution?

  • Cut costs – all of your incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to the proper person. 
  • Increase service quality – each customer will be connected with the appropriate person.
  • Consolidate knowledge – all the information about the phone calls will be stored in a single, unified form for easy and convenient access within your enterprise.

Our integration solution supports

  • Asterisk v1.6, v1.8, 11, 13
  • FreePBX 11, 13
  • Elastix v 1.6, 2.0, 2.2
  • Astium
  • Any standalone phone device that complies with SIP protocol standards.

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