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Retail pricing made simple, under control.

Specifically designed to make complex pricing actions incredibly simple, our price management product empowers retail chain professionals with a solution that delivers advanced retail pricing techniques—no more spreadsheets! With Yieldigo, CEOs and CCOs can steer strategies, avoid margin leaks, and reduce customer attrition.

Ditch spreadsheets, drive your profit margins.

We feel your pain—pricing professionals should not suffer daily from unnecessary spreadsheet blunders. While intuitive, using antiquated spreadsheet tools to compensate for lack of price management experience leads to consistent losses against industry competitors every day, leaving 2-5 % of unclaimed sales margin.

Improved sales margins that don't deter shoppers? YES!

As a pricing expert you are in the driver’s seat. Confidently respond to your board members’ pricing questions, and accurately identify any potential pricing change repercussions. Our single source of pricing truth delivers clarity and prevents misalignment between you and your pricing colleagues. For every instance, you are equipped with the right answer to any pricing question that comes from any department in your company.

In essence, we help you unleash your inner pricing hero superpowers, allowing you to juggle pricing pitfalls with frivolity:

  • Yieldigo is connected to your master data so that everything you see is up-to-date.
  • The tool is implemented and configured by our experts to fit your business requirements, data structures, and processes.
  • You are fully in control of the pricing strategy and rules you establish.
  • Yieldigo provides you with reliable execution of item-level repricing with thorough data checks to avoid any mistakes.
  • You can develop your pricing strategy over time with what-if scenarios and options to optimize prices for different goals.
  • You can automate the pricing suggestion and approval workflow as needed or as you best see fit.

Pricing made simple with every complexity captured.

All retailers know day-to-day price-setting is intricate and very repetitive. We understand that living this routine daily is a daunting task. No pricing hero can build winning and sustainable margins and competitive prices, while only focusing on a specific facet of assortment, stores, or competitors, thereby ignoring multitudes of other factors.

Enter Yieldigo—the pricing management tool engineered for pricing heroes who automate pricing workflows, transfer mathematical calculations to data and machine-learning engines, and single-handedly build the best pricing strategies and tactics for their organization’s bright future.

Transform the previous inefficiency of your retailing operations into highly desirable margins, revenues, volumes, and market shares. We are excited to show you how you can put an end to substantial daily sales margin loss, and obtain visible results within 3 months of working with our product!

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