Customer Service Blueprint

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COVID-19 Dynamics 365 Customer Service Solution for Remote Workers.

With Customer Service Blueprint, we will get you up and running in just a few days. Microsoft is providing free licensing for 6 months of any COVID-19 response scenarios.
As the world grapples with the COVID-19 shutdown, many organizations have found themselves trying to continue to meet customer expectations remotely and with none of the trappings of the modern office space.
With Customer Service Blueprint, your customers can contact you from where and when it is most convenient for them and your staff can assist them from anywhere with an internet connection -- all while maintaining the excellent service you are known you for.

The Customer Service Blueprint Offering Includes:


  • Customer Service: Connect to your customers and work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Cloud Telephony: Optional - Extend omni-channel to include voip telephony.
  • Training: Training assistance and documentation to help manage change.


Advanced Options include:


  • Solgari Telephony Integration: Seamless Solgari Telephony Integration including IVR, compliance recordings, and complete remote call-centre capabilities.
  • Customer Self-Service Web Portal: Customers can save time booking appointments online while searching for articles and resources from the same location.
  • D365 Chat/Virtual Agent: Dynamic 365 chat and Virtual Agents can triage customer conversations and trigger priority-responses.
  • Segmenting and Offer Modeling: Advanced tools to ensure agents use time efficiently.


CRM Dynamics offers a free up-front assessment for this affordable remote solution. The cost of this powerful solution is only $10,000, with Microsoft is providing licensing free for 6 months for any COVID-19 response scenarios.