Expense Management

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An easy way to track, submit and approve travel expenses.

Handling and submitting paper-based expenses and receipts can be drudgerous. Todays mobile users want simple and easy way to electronic submit, track and manage expenses.

Managing expenses can be exhausting for any organization due to the manual paperwork involvement. Additionally, there is increased stress and loss of productivity due to expense reporting. Further, after submitting expenses, approving the employee’s expenses is also a rather laborious task for the supervisors.

At Intech, we understand the effort employees and management experience while managing expenses. Hence, we created - Expense Management, a standalone application. This app automates and simplifies expense reporting by eliminating manual data entry, speeds up report approvals, and seamlessly integrates with other business applications such as Dynamics 365.

Features and Benefits of using Expense Management App

1.       Access from any device and from anywhere

2.       Web-based, user friendly interface

3.       Get the status update or notification directly in Dynamics 365 and in Email

4.       One-click approvals and rejections

5.       Easy integration with your existing solution

6.       Zero to less data entry reducing manual errors

7.       Strong control and technical validation for any mismatch