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Unified Calendar Experience in SharePoint & Outlook

Bring harmony to your scheduling chaos. The Virto Calendar Overlay seamlessly integrates SharePoint, Outlook, Meeting rooms, and online calendars into one intuitive, colour-coded view, making it easier to manage events and appointments.

Centralise Your Calendars

The Virto Calendar Overlay integrates Exchange Online calendars with Microsoft 365 and web calendars. Whether using the SharePoint portal, Microsoft Teams, or simply browsing, view all your events in one place. Manage shared and private Outlook events with elegance and simplicity.

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  • Unified Views: Effortlessly overlay SharePoint, Outlook Online, Exchange Meeting rooms, iCal calendars, and Planner tasks.
  • Event Mastery: Easily create, edit, and manage recurring events. Changes synchronize with the original source.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Set up Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the app.
  • Flexible Integration: Whether on Modern/Classic pages or within Microsoft Teams channels, Virto Calendar adapts.
  • At-a-Glance: The colour-coded Virto Mini Calendar offers a swift snapshot of events from all connected sources.
  • Tailored Insights: Use comprehensive filters to categorize and refine event views.
  • Efficient Licensing: Features automated user license assignment, a boon for large enterprises.
  • For Small Teams: Free for teams up to 5 members!


Documentation: Virto Calendar Overlay App Documentation

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We specialize in creating tools that simplify the digital workspace. Our calendar solution is crafted for professionals who want more control over their time, from enterprise managers to freelancers. It's designed for industries where scheduling is paramount, such as event planning, project management, and healthcare.

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