Simplify and Accelerate your Transformation to the Cloud with AzureSimple

Accelerate your Cloud Journey with AzureSimple

Are you looking for an end-to-end cloud service with the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network using your preferred tools and frameworks? We are here to help you save time and money with our professional Azure services tailored to your business needs. Realize the value of the cloud with minimized downtime, reduced risk and enhanced cost savings.


Target Group: Customers without existing Azure contracts or customers with an expiring Azure-only Server Cloud Enrolment (SCE) or customers who are new to Azure and not using any service from SoftwareONE yet.


Core Benefits & Values: With the help of SoftwareONE and AzureSimple you:

·       Create foundational knowledge and a roadmap for a cost-effective server migration.

·       Understand fundamentals on IaaS & PaaS cloud management vs. legacy practices & better drive the change of operations in the Cloud.

·       Get a ready-to-use Azure environment.

·       Define the overarching rulesets, principles, standards and conventions when migrating your server.

·       Get insight into existing server landscape & migration opportunities.


Services Design: You have the opportunity to select one of our four solution packs:

·       Advisory

·       Server Migration

·       SQL Migration

·       Optimization

All packs include 24x7 Cloud Support, PyraCloud  Cost Control Management and a Customer Success Manager. Furthermore, our Cloud Workload Security  provides your organization with malware protection that not only scans for known malware, but also can detect unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.