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Live Assist for Dynamics 365 Powered by CaféX


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Transform customer engagement on Dynamics 365 with in-app chat, co-browse, video and bot escalation

Delivering exceptional customer experiences the new competitive advantage. CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s preferred omnichannel solution, providing personalized engagement that will delight your customers, improve agent productivity and maximize your Dynamics 365 investment.

Hosted in the Azure cloud, this CafeX-Microsoft jointly developed solution embeds real-time communication within Unified Service Desk and web clients for Dynamics 365. Agents benefit from a single pane of glass experience, while website and mobile app visitors can access live help with a single click.

Give your customers the full spectrum of omnichannel capabilities, including live chat, co-browsing, voice and even face-to-face video calling. Your agents can share files, remotely fill out forms and use other forms of screen-to-screen assistance. Chatbots can be integrated to drive service efficiencies, with seamless transfer to live agents if necessary.

With CaféX Live Assist and Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrated, you can

  • Improve first contact resolution and customer loyalty scores
  • Reduce operating costs through integrated experiences and bot-enabled automation
  • Meet compliance and security standards
  • Increase online sales by engaging customers with rich content
  • Deliver intelligent customer service based on customers' unique channel preferences