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Dynamics Advanced Field Service

HSO Innovation

Advanced Field Service allows organizations to deliver intelligent, world class field service.

In today's professional service organizations, managing every aspect of the end-to-end cycle of field service management is critical. The momentum for enhanced field service productivity has never been greater!

We realize that to maintain a competitive advantage, you must accomplish more with less staff, while customers demand higher service levels. We understand your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives. Dynamics Advanced Field Service offers significant additional functionality on top of Dynamics 365 for Field Service.


  • Customer Asset and Agreement information directly available for helpdesk employees
  • Best practice of years of service experience embedded in our software
  • Higher potential for Power BI reporting through several additional entities
  • A solid basis for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service


  • Cases
    • Service Category, Case Incident Type and Service Category Case Incident Lines
    • Link to Customer Asset and Agreement in Cases
    • Extended Case to Work Order integration
    • Case to Work Order SLA KPI's
  • Customer Assets
    • Customer Asset Type & Customer Asset Group for categorizing Customer Assets
    • Hierarchy display of Customer Assets
    • Setup of generic Customer Warranty Terms
    • Warranty update based on the warranty start date of a Customer Asset
    • Customer Asset Structure Designer (drag & drop)
    • Customer Asset Templates & Template Designer (drag & drop)
    • Customer Asset Properties (configurable attributes)
    • Customer Asset Address and integration with Customer Locations
  • Agreements
    • Agreement Type for categorizing Agreements
    • Setup of generic Coverage Terms
    • Coverage update based on coverage start date of an Agreement
    • Agreement Coverage Terms
    • Covered Agreement Customer Assets
    • Agreement SLA's
  • Work Orders
    • Automatically apply Warranty & Agreement Coverage to Products and Services
    • Work Order Address defaulted from Customer Asset
    • Work Order Fixed Price Invoicing with Invoice Schedule
    • Work Order totals Overview
    • Hourly Rates & Surcharges

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