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ShareControl Contract

Share Control

Predefined structure for archiving company contracts and documentation.

It’s important to note that the external calendar entries, rules and regulations follow Norwegian laws and regulations.

ShareControl Contract is an application that makes it easier to upload your company’s contracts to SharePoint with metadata for easier filtering and sorting. Contract helps you track conditions such as time of regulation and notice periods for all your contracts. These can also be tracked with the contract calendar, which you can synchronize with Outlook. Contract organizes your archives for your contracts and allows for easy sharing with others in your company, or external users, in a controlled and structured fashion.

Contract provides access to relevant regulations for the type of contract you work with through the Knowledge base. The articles are customized accordingly depending on what library you are browsing.

ShareControl Contract is flexible and can be used by all type of companies.

It’s recommended that users with Internet Explorer use version 11 or later when installing the app to a site. Internet Explorer 9 is not fully supported and can not be used during the first time setup. All Internet Explorer users should upgrade their browser to version 11 or later for a better experience.

This app is a "Free Trial" and lasts for 15 days. You'll receive an e-mail half way through with additional information regarding purchase.