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Diffbot Add-In


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Enrich organizational data with access to over 179M profiles from Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph.

Start with a list of entities. End with a deep dive into organizational data. Pull data on one or a hundred organizations with the click of a button.

How does it work?

Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph is compiled by machine learning-enabled web scrapers that turn unstructured data from around the web into a structured, queryable database.

The Knowledge Graph contains over 20 billion entities (organizations, locations, articles, key people, brands, and more), and over 2 trillion facts (revenue, price, skills, and more). All entities are contextually linked and sourced from public-facing documents around the web.

A new Knowledge Graph is compiled every 3-5 days, ensuring data freshness and accuracy.

One of the most coveted datasets within the Knowledge Graph describes organizational entities.

Use Diffbot’s Excel Add-In to enrich organizational entries without needing to leave your Excel workbook.

How much data are we talking about?

Provide a spreadsheet with one row (or column) containing the names or websites of organizations, and a second row (or column) containing your own unique identifiers. Point Diffbot’s Excel Add-In to the location of your names and identifiers and toggle what fields of data you want to be returned, including:

Organization Names

Estimated Number of Employees

Description of Organization

Founding Date

Social Media Profile URLs

Websites (main site, blog, Wikipedia page)

Locations (list of all organizational locations)

Financial Data (yearly revenue, stock symbol, stock exchange, total investments, IPO date)

List of Industries in Which Org is Active

People Data (CEOs, Founders, Board Members)

In-Depth Knowledge Graph Entity Page URLs (for organizations and people)

Upon execution, Diffbot’s Excel Add-In populates a new sheet that pairs the organizations and unique identifiers you provide with all available data types above, much more quickly and comprehensively than could be manually compiled.

Get started today to enhance organizational data in your Excel workbooks with organizational relationships, data, and facts provided by the world’s largest and most accurate Knowledge Graph.

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