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Do you know your leadership impact? qLX measures and grows soft skills in real time.

Do you know your leadership impact?

At qChange, we make the impossible possible by measuring and growing leadership soft skills in real-time.


Leadership Upskilling Made Easy!

At qChange, we believe anyone can be a leader. Sometimes though, we need a little boost to remind us how to show up as our best selves. And we want real-time, context-aware advice, not more leadership theory.

Using industry-first algorithms, qChange Leadership Experience (qLX) delivers a just-in-time leadership nudge before a meeting where there is an opportunity to exhibit this behavior. Your Boosters (individual's you have invited to help you grow your leadership skills and who happen to be in that same meeting) now have an anonymous way to provide you feedback on how you demonstrated that leadership skill.

For example, suppose you are focused on improving "Giving Praise and Recognition". qLX identifies a meeting that will be a great opportunity for you to show this skill, and will deliver a nudge immediately before the meeting, reminding you of an action you can take. This creates a real-time behavioral alignment between desired leadership behavior and meeting context.

After the meeting, qLX automatically seeks anonymous quantitative feedback from your Boosters, and provides you with a micro/nano-learning on the specific leadership skill to accelerate your growth. When you want, with a click of a button inside Microsoft Teams, you can ask for anonymous written feedback as well.

Insights gained from the numeric and written feedback become an invaluable measure for leaders to grow, and Boosters to feel heard. Finally, qLX allows you to send gratitude to those giving you feedback, increasing trust with your Boosters.

The whole experience is summarized in an easy-to-read dashboard inside Microsoft Teams, providing a real-time metric of your leadership impact.

Organizations use qLX for:
  • Real-time Leadership Development for new and existing leaders
  • Embedding and measuring DE&I initiatives
  • Enhancing and reinforcing Coaching programs
  • Embedding Cultural Principles across the organization

Build your leadership skills and improve your team culture today with a 30-day free trial.

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