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Governance for Microsoft's Power Platform


Providing the flexibility of decentralized digitalization via Low-Code Platforms like Microsoft’s Power Platform, comes with the challenge of defining standards, consistency and governance for your organization. This includes getting ahead of security risks to ensure business continuity. How do you make sure every Low-Code project is fully compliant with industry regulations or GDPR, as well as manage the lifecycle of all Apps, Flows and Dashboards? And how do you support Developers building Low-Code solutions, at scale?


Runpipe puts you into the driver’s seat of your company’s Low-Code Initiatives by providing an intuitive platform that brings together security, compliance, and enablement, all in one place. It lets you govern the entirety of your application lifecycle, including risk and compliance assessments, backups, documentation, and approval workflows. You’ll be able to fuel your company’s pipeline with Low-Code projects, and then monitor their impact. Giving you insights into all projects, business cases and ongoing trainings will create real strategic value for your company’s success.

BENEFITS: Runpipe + Microsoft Power Platform

Accelerate the adoption of the Power Platform, while meeting your company’s compliance.

1. SECURITY: Runpipe provides workflows and policies for collecting the required information for every Low-Code project built on the Power Platform, making it easy to identify and monitor security risks. Many risks, like broken code, full use of API’s, and identity misuse, are identified automatically.

2. GOVERNANCE: Runpipe provides an out-of-the-box solution for automated lifecycle management for Apps, Dashboards, Flows and Bots created on Microsoft’s Power Platform. Define rules, policies and approval workflows to retain control and quality, and to stay compliant.

3. ENABLEMENT: As part of your company’s Low-Code journey, you will convert more employees into Low-Code Developers with the help of training and community building. Runpipe provides more visibility for successful Low-Code solutions built by your citizen developers, thereby attracting even more employees to create solutions of their own.

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