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AIOps platform that enables Proactive Detection & Remediation of incidents

Do you want your Enterprise to become a Zero Incident Enterprise™?  

Zero Incident Framework™ (ZIF) is a AI for IT Operations Platform (AIOps) facilitating Predictive Maintenance of your IT environment and enables service intelligence by insightful aggregation of data from ITSM and Monitoring tools. The solution uses Unsupervised Machine Learning techniques and Predictive Analytics to provide insights into future events based on historical incidents, helping IT teams quickly identify patterns and dependencies within the data, well before a problem occurs.

Move away from Traditional Monitoring tools and reactive services, towards ZIF which gives:

Improved Business Assurance:

  • ZIF's Predictive Analytics models provide insights on potential critical incidents/IT outages  and predicts outages leading to higher Business Service Reliability

Reduced Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and IT Operation costs:

  • ZIF identifies Probable Root Cause of an incident in real time, through Pattern Based Event Correlation, which helps IT operations team to reduce MTTR incidents by 60% and have a significant reduction in IT Operations Cost.

360 Degree Environment Awareness:

  • ZIF has data rich dynamic dashboards provide insights on business-critical applications and infra devices connected to the applications.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • ZIF , through the Automation module, Intercepts and resolves incidents before they occur, thereby ,significantly improving overall customer experience.

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