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AI-powered Cognitive Analytics


Transform the way your employees and customers FIND what they need


  • Enterprise search fails to leverage the massive volume of unstructured information present in data repositories, e.g., PDFs, texts, emails
  • Traditional keyword search returns all documents that contain the search term - too many results, many of which are irrelevant.
  • Current search methods result in lost time and inefficient processes as volume increases.

An ideal solution must address industry semantics and company-specific taxonomies, and understand the actual meaning of the content. It must identify similar concepts that are oftentimes expressed in varied ways by disparate groups within the enterprise.

Solution Overview:

Parabole.ai is a cognitive analytics platform for building SEARCH-BASED applications that supports customer domain, functions, industry, tasks, and workflows. Developed on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Parabole’s custom training and classification model delivers enterprise search solutions specific to a domain or business case. A company can use this platform to build search solutions for customers and employees based purely on natural text search, rather than on keywords.


  1. Lightweight Training
    • A lightweight training system allows users to train the ML models without having to possess any software skills.
    • The training system automatically generates labeled data necessary to train the ML models specific to the use cases.
  2. Expansible Classifiers:
    • Custom classifier allows you to build your text classifier on your defined custom categories.
    • Minimal training pipeline enables unprecedented speed-to-market
  3. Indexing
    • Using Microsoft Azure’s indexing capabilities, storage is optimized, since only required data needs to be loaded into memory.
  4. Flexibility
    • Single platform supports multiple businesses or functions, e.g., risk, compliance, marketing, finance.
    • Parses documents in any format, e.g., PDF, Microsoft Office and Excel, CSV.
    • Connects to disparate data sources to aggregate and normalize data prior to analysis.
  5. Ease of Deployment
    • Unsupervised training reduces the need for expert involvement in building training data.
    • Powerful yet lightweight training platform enables domain-specific search capabilities.
    • Output useable in any downstream application.
  6. Enterprise Scale
    • Microsoft Azure gives unprecedented scale, security and support required to bring enterprise-grade cognitive search solution.
    • The solution leverages Azure’s indexing and storage capabilities.
  7. Ecosystem friendly
    • Supports Relational DB, SQL DB, Triple store, Graph DB tech.