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A Modern Kubernetes Platform for Enterprise Platform Teams

The Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform augments the enterprise platform team through the broad set of services needed to accelerate application modernization initiatives. Rafay delivers the following services to Platform and SRE teams - across both Kubernetes and modern applications:

Multi-Cluster Management Service Enables the lifecycle management and blueprinting support for managed Kubernetes services, such as Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, as well as offerings such as Rancher and RedHat OpenShift.

GitOps Service Enables infrastructure orchestration and application deployment through multi-stage, git-triggered pipelines.

Zero-Trust Access Service Enables controlled, audited access for developers, SREs and automation systems to Kubernetes infrastructure, with just-in-time service account creation and user-level credentials management.

Kubernetes Policy Management Service Enables policy management for clusters via the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework for Kubernetes security and governance.

Backup & Restore Service Enables disaster recovery and migration of the Kubernetes control plane and application data.

Visibility & Monitoring ServiceEnables development, operations and security/governance teams to visualize and monitor modern apps and underlying Kubernetes infrastructure through dedicated dashboards.

Network Policy Management Service Ensure application isolation and reduce the lateral attack surface through configuration of network policies across clusters - fleet-wide.

Service Mesh Service Ensure cluster-wide/namespace policy configurations, provide visibility to traffic flows, and automate cert lifecycle management for mTLS.

Cost Management Service Provide cost visibility and chargeback controls to help optimize spend.

Standard Kubernetes Operating Model

Platform teams create and enforce a standard operating model for the entire organization to follow. The whole organization gains efficiencies by automating recurring tasks as well as creating guardrails that safeguard the business.

Unified Platform for Kubernetes Lifecycle

Operations centralizes visibility into every cluster they manage, making full lifecycle management easy no matter whether those clusters live in data centers or various cloud accounts.

Self-Service Kubernetes Infrastructure

Developers can safely spin up their own Kubernetes infrastructure as needed removing the back-and-forth tickets and waiting days for infrastructure to be provisioned - getting back to coding instead of worrying about the intricacies of their applications running on Kubernetes.

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