Omega AI

av RamSoft USA Inc

Cloud native, zero - footprint VNA for medical imaging archiving and distribution and more...

Embrace Unified Medical Imaging

Deliver the best of modern healthcare with exceptional security, scalability, and speed. Omega AI VNA’s seamless integrations, no delays, and unmatched simplicity is your gateway to first-class quantitative imaging and superior patient outcomes!

Smooth interoperability

The exceptional interconnectivity offered in Omega AI VNA makes data sharing between consulting healthcare professionals across multiple departments and facilities a breeze.

Cloud-native architecture

Geared for the cloud, Omega AI VNA’s unique design supports data consolidation enabling the flexibility enterprises need for effective cross-country deployment.

Reliable, worry-free security

In supporting current as well as legacy messaging and data transfer standards, Omega AI VNA is a powerful tool that ensures seamless, secure data exchanges and protects the integrity of your organization’s data.

Intuitive user experience

Omega AI VNA eliminates the need to go in and out multiple screens during the course of a workday. A more focused, cleaner interface allows healthcare providers and physicians to work more efficiently and spend more time with their patients

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