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From project chaos to clarity, one Gantt Chart Pro at a time

Introducing Gantt Chart Pro, the native Microsoft Teams app that enhances project planning and collaboration directly within your Teams channels. With its user-friendly interface, Gantt Chart Pro provides a clear and intuitive way to communicate project timelines, identify bottlenecks, and address delays. All of this is made possible within the familiar Teams environment.

Gantt Chart Pro is a powerful project management tool specifically designed for Microsoft Teams. It enables teams to effortlessly create, manage, and track project schedules using interactive Gantt charts. By integrating directly into Teams, Gantt Chart Pro offers a centralized hub for project collaboration, ensuring effective communication and real-time updates.


  • Add new tasks: Easily create and organize tasks within the Gantt chart, ensuring a clear project structure.
  • Specify task start and end dates: Set precise start and end dates for each task, establishing a realistic project timeline.
  • Create task dependencies: Reflect the sequential order of activities by establishing task dependencies for accurate scheduling.
  • Allocate resources: Assign team members or resources to specific tasks, optimizing resource utilization and workload distribution.
  • Write notes: Add detailed notes to tasks, providing essential context and instructions for team members.
  • Set task progress: Track the progress of ongoing tasks, updating completion percentages to maintain an accurate view of project advancement.
  • Export to Excel, CSV, and PDF: Generate comprehensive reports by exporting Gantt charts to popular file formats, facilitating sharing, analysis, and documentation.

Common examples of projects managed with Gantt Chart Pro:

  • Construction projects: Plan and oversee stages such as site preparation, structural work, installations, and finishing touches.
  • Software development: Coordinate tasks involved in developing software applications, from requirements gathering and coding to testing and deployment.
  • Event planning: Manage event organization, including tasks like venue selection, vendor coordination, marketing campaigns, and logistical arrangements.
  • Marketing campaigns: Track activities such as market research, content creation, advertising, and campaign evaluation for effective campaign execution.
  • Product launches: Coordinate product development projects, from concept design and prototyping to manufacturing, packaging, and market introduction.

With Gantt Chart Pro, your project management workflows become more efficient, collaborative, and transparent, all within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment. Enhance your project planning and achieve success with Gantt Chart Pro for Teams.

If you encounter any issue with Gantt Chart Pro, reach out here. For any other inquiries, contact us.

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